Grosvenor House Surgery

Morton Surgery

Important Practice Update

The government is announcing an increase in Covid19 cases every day and pushing to increase the numbers of the population who are fully vaccinated and have had their booster.
In response the Practice is releasing staff to support the vaccination centres in order to protect a greater number of the population.
As the numbers of those infected by the Omicron variant of the Covid19 virus increases we are seeing many practice staff also being infected. This is having a significant impact on the running of the practice. We are appealing to you during this very difficult time to help us to help those who most urgently need our support.
· Please accept the clinicians decision about how urgent your request is and therefore the receptionists message about when the appointment will be
· Please be patient with us and be aware that whilst we will do our utmost to change appointments when a clinician phones in sick we will have no choice but to cancel some appointments
· If the clinician reviews your request and deems this to be non-urgent your appointment could be as long as 3 to 4 weeks away.
The practice hopes this will be a temporary situation which will improve once infections start to fall.
In order to ensure you get the best decision from the Online consult form, please complete this with as much information as possible
· Be clear about your symptoms
· How long have you had them, when did they start
· What over the counter remedies have you tried
· Symptoms to note: high temperature, pain, diarrhoea, vomiting, drinking fluids, passing urine, shortness of breath, cough
· Are the symptoms worsening, changed.
· Please confirm if you have had a PCR test during this illness.
Please be as clear as you can on your form and do not submit duplicate forms as it may take time for the clinicians to review your request and duplicate forms slow the whole process for everyone